Hackers Swipe Data On 2 Million T-Mobile Subscribers

August 24, 2018

There’s never a good time to receive an alert that one of your accounts has been hacked. That’s the reality for a large number of T-Mobile customers this week following a short-lived attack on the company’s network.

According to the notice posted by T-Mobile on its website, the suspicious activity took place this Monday. Hackers managed to breach a database by exploiting a vulnerable API — or application programming interface, which is a set of software building blocks that make it easier for developers to access data or technologies when creating an app.

T-Mobile cyber security staff detected the attack a short time after it began. In a statement to Motherboard, a T-Mobile spokesperson said that “less than 3%” of the company’s roughly 76 million subscribers was accessed. Limiting the damage to such a small percentage is certainly a positive… but it still means that roughly 2 million T-Mobile customers Continue reading

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